Regional & National Championships

British Colleges Sport runs Regional and National squash events for:

  • Men's singles
  • Women's singles

FE Colleges have the opportunity to represent their region in the National Championships run by British Colleges Sport.  Please visit:  http://nationalchampionships.bcsport.org - our micro site which covers all things in relation to our Regional and National championships events.


Squash 1The game of squash was developed based on other pre-existing racquet sports, especially racquets and fives, a set of sports played predominantly by boarders at British independent schools.

Squash itself was developed at one of these schools, London's Harrow School, in the early 19th century, when the boys noted that puncturing a racquets' ball caused it to squash when hitting the wall, allowing a greater variety of shots.

By the end of the century it had spread to Britain's other private schools as well as Oxford and Cambridge universities.

In 1908 a squash sub-committee of the Tennis and Rackets Association was formed to regulate the sport, followed in 1928 by the British Squash Rackets Association

For further information visit the World Squash Federation.