Leagues and Cups

British Colleges Sport run leagues and cups at the following levels:



  • Category 1 (Men's Only)
  • Category 2 (Men's Only)
  • Category 3 (Men's Only)
  • Category 5 (Male & Female)



  • Premier (Men's Only)
  • Knockout (Male & Female)

All of the above leagues for the 2013/14 season are available to view from our fixtures and results page. Cup fixtures will be available to view by the middle of September.


Representative Teams
British Colleges Sport run a representative team for men - further information is available from our representative pages.


Regional & National Championships
British Colleges Sport runs Regional and National small sided Rugby events for men and women. FE Colleges have the opportunity to represent their region in the National Championships run by British Colleges Sport.  Please visit: - our micro site which covers all things in relation to our Regional and National championships events.




Rugby 1In 1800's the rules of football were codified in the seven major public schools of England.


While playing soccer at Rugby School of England in 1823, William Webb Ellis picked up the ball in his hands and ran with it.


This sparked an interest, leading to the creation of rugby. Cambridge University immediately adopted the game, popularized it and made local rules.


The game grew popular at area schools and in 1871, ten years after the common rules of soccer were set, the first Rugby Union was founded in London and firm rules of the game were established