BCS Badminton Mixed Cup

This is now the 3rd year, colleges and 6th Form colleges have the opportunity to enter their students into two BCS Badminton Competitions - the regional tournament and the team knock out cup.


The competition will be mixed-sex teams of 4 females and 4 males, with each round consisting of 2 men's singles, 2 women's singles, 2 men's doubles, 2 women's doubles, 2 mixed doubles. Each player may only compete in 2 events per match (i.e. each player plays two events.)


Regional & National Championships

FE Colleges have the opportunity to represent their region in the Regional Tournaments and National Championships run by British Colleges Sport.  The tournaments consist of:


  • Men's and Women's Singles and Doubles
  • Mixed Doubles


Please visit: - our micro site which covers all things in relation to our Regional and National championships events.






Badminton 1The port of badminton has its origins in ancient civilisations in Europe and Asia. The ancient game known as battledore (bat or paddle) and shuttlecock probably originated more than 2000 years ago.
In the 1600s Battledore and Shuttlecock was an upper class pastime in England and many European countries. Battledore and Shuttlecock was simply two people hitting a shuttlecock backwards and forwards with a simple bat as many times as they could without allowing it to hit the ground.


A contemporary form of badminton - a game called 'Poon', was played in India in the 1800s where a net was introduced and players hit the shuttlecock across the net. British officers in the mid 1800's took this game back to England and it was introduced as a game for the guests of the Duke of Beaufort at his stately home 'Badminton' in Gloucestershire, England where it became popular.
In March 1898, the first Open Tournament was held at Guildford the first 'All England' Championships were held the following year. Denmark, the USA and Canada became ardent followers of the game during the 1930s
Badminton World Federation is the Governing Body of Badminton worldwide.