Together with the Home Countries, UK Athletics works closely together with over 1,400 clubs and thousands of schools and local authorities across the UK to grow talent and ensure that athletics remains the nation's favourite Olympic and Paralympic sport. Our three primary roles are: 




UK Athletics is wholly responsible for developing and implementing the rules and regulations of the sport, including everything from anti-doping, health and safety and welfare, to training and education for coaches and officials and facilities licensing.




As a business, UK Athletics is responsible for securing commercial partners and sponsorship to fund and help develop the sport. UK Athletics is proud to have the biggest sports sponsorship deal outside of football with Norwich Union, along with support from National Lottery and UK Sport. Development


UK Athletics is committed to improving and developing the sport from grassroots right through to podium and we are proud to run a competition structure that meets the needs of athletes at all levels and abilities.


Nurturing athletes of all ages and preparing them for the world stage is achieved through continual investment in facilities, clubs and performance centres, developing the finest coaches, working with the very best officials, and offering medical expertise that is second to none.




Scottish Athletics is the governing body for athletics in Scotland.  Established as a Company Ltd by Guarantee on 1 April 2001, it succeeded the Scottish Athletics Federation.  Scottish Athletics is affiliated to UK Athletics.  Within Scotland, Scottish Athletics is affiliated to the Commonwealth Games Council for Scotland. 


Scottish Athletics was established to:


  • foster, develop and control the sport of athletics in Scotland
  • take responsibility for all athletic teams representing Scotland
  • promote annual Championships and other competitions,
  • establish and enforce rules for competition,
  • advance and safeguard the interests of athletics in Scotland.

Welsh Athletics




Welsh Athletics is the official governing body for athletics in Wales and was formally registered as company, limited by guarantee, in March 2007. They have 6000 registered athletes, more than 70 active clubs. Together, they aim to shape a new future for athletics development and achievement


Welsh Athletics mission is to create a structure that allows sports men and women to maximise their potential. Based on the development of a club standard, a national competition structure and professional athletics development centres, they will ensure the success of athletes throughout Wales


We have a proud history, a great track record. By providing structure, we aim to create a seamless pathway from regional schools and clubs, to national elite performance. We support grass roots activity and translate this into national sporting success.


Welsh Athletics is dedicated to improving our sport at both club and national level. We target improved development, education and performance.