BCS Board and Committees

BCS is run by a Board which other important groups and committees feed into. 


 The BCS Board is responsible for:

  • Making sure policy is carried out as it has been set out;
  • Day to day management of BCS;
  • The strategic management and development of BCS.


Its duties include:

  • Recommending policy on any issue or topic;
  • Recommending a procedure for dealing with appeals and reviewing this procedure regularly;
  • Receiving reports from sub committees and reports on general policy in order to keep fully informed on the work of the BCS.


The Board is made up of:

  • Two regional representatives from each region (ideally a Principal or Senior Manager);
  • A representative from each of Strategic and Operational Sub- Committees;
  • The Chief Executive Officer of BCS;
  • Secretary.


A Chairman and Vice Chairman are elected form the regional representatives making up the board.



The Sport Management and Operational Group (SMOG) is made up of:

  • Chairman (Member of the Board);
  • Two other Members of the Board;
  • Regional representatives;
  • Representatives of sport specific management groups;
  • Executive Officer of the BCS;
  • National Administrator.

The group is responsible for all sports competitions and operations and for overseeing:

  • Domestic cup and league competitions;
  • Regional and national teams;
  • Rules and regulations;
  • Budgets;
  • Development;
  • National Championships;
  • Funding from external sources;
  • Technical advice



Each Sport Management Commitee (SMC) is responsible for a specific sport and reports to the Sport Management and Operational Group.


Each group is responsible for:

  • Domestic Cup and League programme;
  • Regional and national representative teams;
  • Rules and regulations;
  • Budgets;
  • Development;
  • National governing body partnership work;
  • Funding from external sources;
  • Technical advice.

Current Groups:
Badminton, Basketball, Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Hockey, Netball , Rugby Union and Volleyball.


All of these are supported by the National Governing Body for that particular sport.



There are nine regional committees responsible for overseeing the organisation of competitive sport in each region.

Each regional committee is made up of:

  • Chairman (Principal/Senior Management);
  • Vice Chairman (Principal/Senior Management) ;
  • Hon Secretary ;
  • Hon treasurer;
  • Hon Competition Secretary ;
  • A representative from each member college.


Regional committees are responsible for:

  • The regional competition programme;
  • Regional representative teams;
  • Rules and regulations;
  • Budgets;
  • Development ;
  • Regional national governing body partnership working;
  • Funding from external sources.